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Donate $100 to Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say today, and we will reserve your VIP seat for our 21st Anniversary event, and you will become a member of the NP100 Club. 
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Also, as a token of our thanks, you will also get a gift of a 3D-printed Librotraficante Banned Book Marker. 

The Librotraficante Book Marker is not for sale anywhere. You can only get one through Nuestra Palabra the same way that Nuestra Palabra has been delivering unique literary experiences true to our community for over two decades.

You will be thanked on air, you will be listed as a NP100 member. You will be recognized at our anniversary showcase. And you receive a Librotraficante Banned Book Marker. 

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  • RSVP 2 VIP Seats to our Anniversary Showcase.
  • 2 Free 3D-printed Librotraficante Banned Book Markers
  • A free signed copy of 2 books from our featured authors of the evening. 
  • You will be thanked on air.
  • You will be listed as a NP Arts Patron.
  • You will be recognized at our anniversary showcase.